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2022 Constitution & Republican Party Nominee
for US Senate representing Oregon

Crime, Homelessness, Drug Overdoses & Inflation Are On The Rise


In A Movement For A Better Oregon. A Better America.

#JoinJoRae For A Better America.

It makes sense for Oregonians to #JoinJoRae for a better Oregon but why should you care about this race if you live out of state?

Let’s first look at the trends in our state:

  • Possession of most hard drugs in small amounts has been decriminlized resulting in a 60% increase in drug over doses
  • Defund the police type retoric led to a disbanding of Portland’s Gun Violence Reduction team. Since the disbanding of that team, we have had a 301% increase in homicides in the City of Portland.
  • We’ve seen homelessness increase 60%+ in many areas.
  • We had the 2nd most amount of acreage burned in wildfires in 2021.
  • Our school systems rank in the bottom 20% nationwide.
This is a small snapshot of integral systems in our state that are trending the wrong way. 

These subjects are all national issues. You want a Senator that is voting to CHANGE the trends away from the direction Oregon has been headed.

We are campaigning against Ron Wyden, a 41 YEAR incumbent. Term limits need to exist for the exact reasons we are seeing in Oregon. Career politicians are rarely looking after what’s best for the people, but more for what’s best to get them re-elected. 

If we can show that the people, united, nationwide, can make big change, against a 41 year incumbent, in one of the nations most liberal states, we can get people believing that their opinion matters again! That your vote does count! That, THE PEOPLE, THE STATES, ARE UNITED ONCE AGAIN.

#JoinJoRae in a fight for a better Oregon, a better America. This is a fight for term limits, smaller government with support of law and order. A fight for freedom of speech for ALL, while ensuring lawlessness isn’t applauded. A fight for legal immigration to give others the opportunity to live in the land of the free, the home of the brave, while protecting our borders better. A fight for proper government budgeting over inflation! A fight for a sustainable US economy vs a volatile economy. 


#JoinJoRae As A Social Media Influencer

Male Vlogger Or Social Influencer In City Using Mobile Phone On Street To Post To Social Media

#JoinJoRae to support the change Oregon & America needs! We’ll supply you with the data and imagery you need to influence change in your sphere & neighborhoods. Simply use the free content we will provide in posts about the topics and/or share them to your timeline. We believe a positive, solutions based approach to politics on social media is the only way to communicate. Let’s rise up and remind the world that a united America is still the greatest country on earth! UNITED WE STAND.

#JoinJoRae By Donating

Become an Integral Part of the #JoinJoRae Movement For A Better Oregon. A Better America.

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