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2022 Nominee for the United States Senate representing Oregon


Crime, Homelessness, Drug Overdoses & Inflation Are On The Rise


In A Movement For A Better Oregon

#JoinJoRae By Volunteering


#JoinJoRae to support the change Oregon & America needs! We need data researchers, door knockers, yard signs posted & fundraisers. If you have a desire to get involved in positive change, we have a role that will fit your skillset and desires to help.

#JoinJoRae By Donating

Become an Integral Part of the #JoinJoRae Movement For A Better Oregon

The #JoinJoRae Campaign Is
Powered By Contributions From Oregonians Demanding Change,
Just Like You

#JoinJoRae As A Social Media Influencer

Change Starts With Each One Of Us

Share the free images & data links that we provide to your social media profiles to start influencing the change our country needs
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Schedule a Fundraiser or Event to further the #JoinJoRae Movement! You host, Friends Donate, We celebrate!