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We’re building a community, nationwide, that’s ready for a re-United States. A country united on solutions vs division. A country united on controlled government spending vs inflationary economies. A country united to support legal immigration while improving border security to decrease drug flow & crime. A country united on freedom of speech without violence & destruction. A country united as one. #JoinJoRae in re-uniting the United States of America!

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#JoinJoRae to support the change Oregon & America needs! We’ll supply you with the data and imagery you need to influence change in your sphere & neighborhoods. Simply use the free content we will provide in posts about the topics and/or share them to your timeline. We believe a positive, solutions based approach to politics on social media is the only way to communicate. Let’s rise up and remind the world that a united America is still the greatest country on earth! UNITED WE STAND.

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