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2022 Nominee for the United States Senate representing Oregon

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Lars Larson

"Jo Rae has shown herself to be a solid conservative, with the right mindset geared toward leading the state back toward a focus on morality and family values, and smart economic growth instead of just pushing one subsidized green-policy after another like Wyden has done for more than the past 2 dozen years."

Captain Seth Keshel
Trevor Louden- Author, Filmmaker, Public speaker

Dr. Douglas Frank

Dwight & Susan Hammond, Burns, OR

Donald Plumb, Lake Oswego

Jim & Nancy Reese, Grants Pass

Sheirll Edwards, Coos Bay

Leslie Weimer, Hermiston

David Brown, Salem

Justin Cherrington, Salem

William Adams, Klamath Falls

Becky Badger, Scio

Margie Crawford, Wallowa

Michelle & Kevin Hagle, Sweet Home

Stanley & Mae Huston, Culver

Rick Johns, Bend

Lawrence Lear, Condon

Nita Lowry, Brownsville

Bonnie White, Albany

Mary Ann Brandon, Warrenton

Karen Austin, Oregon Business Owner


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Oregon Firearms Federation PAC: B+ rating highest rating given to a candidate who has not yet held public office. 

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